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Additional Resources

Some of the games described in this book are still available to play online!
Additional Resources
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Jun 28, 2018

Some of the games described in this book are still available to play online. Others we have had to take down when the technology became out of date. Please comment in the community if there are additional links and resources you would like to see shared here—or share them yourself in the comments! And please connect with us on facebook or twitter.

Lure of the Labyrinth

Play the game and check out the accompanying teacher materials.


The Vanished site was taken down some time after the game ran, but you can watch a talk that describes the event.

2011 MIT Sandbox Summit, Scot Osterweil & Vanished: MIT/Smithsonian Game

The Radix Endeavor

Play the game! It’s not currently being supported so it may be buggy but you can still experience much of it. Also check out these Radix videos for a taste of the tools and gameplay.

Radix Trailer, 2014


Unfortunately the UbiqBio games have not been maintained and are not currently playable. But you can watch this video of teachers talking about their UbiqBio experience in the classroom.

UbiqBio Teachers

Financial Education Games

Read about Commonwealth’s work around financial entertainment. Play Celebrity Calamity, FarmBlitz, and Bite Club online or watch their trailers. Some games are also available in the app store.


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